sweet bernina

May 2, 2008

goodbye kenmore.


Introducing a new member of my family, Activa 220.





5 Responses to “sweet bernina”

  1. _explosions Says:

    hurray!!! so rad.
    oh man, i love that shot of the kenmore in the trash!!

    i can’t wait for the bernina to end up in the header though!

  2. Bill Novak Says:

    Bernina = ghettttooooo. I totally prefer the Pfaff 2058 as it totally out performs your Bernina in stitch patterns, alphabets, foot pressure and one and one.

    Girl.. call me when you want to step it up to the big time. For now I’ve got to get back to my Pfabulous 2058 and complete my single stitch into 1/4″ denim. Like a hot knife through butter.

  3. kimmy Says:


  4. laehciM Says:

    That thing looks pretty intense to me

  5. Vinh Le Says:

    hahahaha you are so like creative yo!!!! inspiring and like funny!

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