not so knit-picky

July 21, 2008

Nathalie wanted anything.

“Make me anything. I don’t care, and I’ll put it on my keychain.” It was nice that she wasn’t so picky. I first made her something that looked like it could be a finger tip warmer… but it evolved.

I made this by accident… 

we decided it was a lucky penny/pick holder keychain.

So rad…


5 Responses to “not so knit-picky”

  1. laehciM Says:

    that is cute!

  2. BunnyCreates Says:

    it looks like a heart! 😀

  3. Very creative! 🙂

  4. _explosions Says:

    this is AMAZING! i’m so jealous! it’s sooooo cute!!

    dang you!! so rad.

  5. kimmy Says:

    that’s very kind of you all. thank you!

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