September 7, 2008

These are some ideas I’ve been working on and constantly expanding on. They’ll be on my etsy shop soon so if you’re interested I can make you some love. 

Crocheted camera case. Fits a 2.5″x3.75″ camera


 Suede wallet with an expandable coin pocket, a clear sleeve for your ID and a pick pocket for your convenience


my attempt to recycle cardboard

in action

Hand-woven recycled cardboard coaster made from an amazon box


7 Responses to “Prototypes”

  1. micheal Says:

    wow kimmie, you are so talented!
    Are you really selling your stuff?

  2. kimmy Says:

    Thanks mike! that’s really encouraging 🙂

    I’d like to sell them soon on, hopefully i can quit my day job!

  3. brenya Says:

    Ooooerrr…I really like the Suede wallet. I even like the color!! 😀

  4. _explosions Says:

    dang yo. i want to buy a digital camera just so i can sport your case! i really really like these… i know you know that already, but i never get tired of saying so.

  5. kimmy Says:

    and i never get tired of hearing so. thanks d.

  6. Huong Says:

    i want to buy the digi cam case!! seriously!

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