What the FIFTY BUCKS?!

September 22, 2008

My friend, Will told me about this huge neighborhood yard sale that was happening this weekend and I convinced myself to go, after I had told him no… the excuse was I wanted to sleep in.  I dragged myself out of bed at 7am on Saturday morning and went to the atm to withdraw $50 bucks… I thought, if I don’t limit myself, things could get dangerous.

So, we got there and this HUGE neighborhood yard sale turned out to have only about 5 houses participate! I wasn’t going to find anything here especially because all I wanted was a sewing table. 5 minutes after passing empty lawns and frou frou prom dresses, we turned a corner and there she was. A beautiful fold up vintage mahogany table that came with a machine made in Western Germany, all metal, foam green, and super cute. Not only that, but the drawer had a bunch of thread, scissors from Germany, and vintage buttons! The seller said it was his grandma’s machine and she is now in her nineties. There is no way this machine was no less than $100. We finally asked the seller how much it was after we had “inspected” it (it didn’t take very long).

He said, 50 bucks. That was the exact amount I had in my wallet. 

With no hesitation, I gave him all my money (usually you’re suppose to haggle, but it was so worth it) and hauled it away. It fit exactly where I wanted it… I’m talking about 1/2 inch space on both sides when opened up. I didn’t have to move any furniture. 

It was truly, truly a special gift.





7 Responses to “What the FIFTY BUCKS?!”

  1. bunnycreates Says:

    too awesome! how often does that happen! 😀

  2. brenya Says:

    Wow, nice!!! I love when stuff like that happens. 🙂

  3. Micheal Says:

    Great story!
    Divine Providence

  4. _explosions Says:

    i’m so happy this story made it to the love machine blog! that’s the best, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

  5. kimmy Says:

    definitely Divine Providence. Thanks guys, I look at it every morning and it makes me want to quit my day job and make goodies all day.

  6. Micheal Says:

    Do it!

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