October’s banner contest winner

September 26, 2008

I know it’s still September, but I couldn’t wait. Next time, entries will be due the last day of the month.

And the winner is… bummm pa da dum!

Dana Ollestad! It’s handmade! flower buttons and the brown paper bag dirt give it a real nice touch. Congratulations dana! … i hate that guy.

Check out the other fun entries!



Todd – (Disqualified for using Papyrus font)

Thanks again guys! That was a lot of fun.



8 Responses to “October’s banner contest winner”

  1. _explosions Says:

    hurray!! these are great… i think i need to get todd’s contact info from you though… i might have some work for him.

  2. todd a Says:

    I’m only working in Papyrus these days. Hope that’s all right with you, Dana.

  3. dollestad Says:

    papyrus AND turtles… the art world will never be the same.

  4. wow the turtle banner is kinda um…yeah. 🙂

    congrats to the winner! lovely!

  5. Micheal Says:

    Hoag didn’t know what they had!

  6. vivi! Says:

    haha these are so cool kimmy! im almost addicted! 😛 congrats dana! can’t wait to see next month’s entries!

  7. […] Here’s a recap of last months entries. […]

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