October 3, 2008


I feel like it needs a red hat

*up on etsy soon



8 Responses to “Purple”

  1. _explosions Says:

    look so nice! and that’s really funny about the red hats.

  2. laehciM Says:

    well done.
    I like the decorative buttons

  3. kimmy Says:

    thanks guys, it has a pick pocket too!

  4. _explosions Says:

    “it has a pick pocket too!” so perfect. amazing.

  5. laehciM Says:

    I think I might have to start using purses

  6. nhuanh Says:

    youre making great things on that etsy site, and taking nice pictures of them! p.s. i got a new camera. eek!

  7. kimmy Says:

    WOO HOO! it’s not steph’s is it?

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