The Treasury

November 9, 2008

…is a member-curated gallery which features 12 handpicked items on etsy.  It lets them pick their favorite items, items to fit a theme, or whatever they want as a way to help promote other sellers. Curators fight over a spot in the treasury because admin chooses one collection to be featured on the home page. I am proud to announce that I’ve been picked to be a part of a wonderful gallery. So cool! Check it out! It expires in two days!

This is only half but see the full gallery here.

a thoughtful day

alittlebitofsomethin's treasury

treasury by alittlebitofsomethin


4 Responses to “The Treasury”

  1. laehciM Says:


  2. Kirk Says:

    Nice goodies! How’s your Etsy debut going? I hope it’s well with that. It’s nice to see you making things and growing in your craft.

  3. kimmy Says:

    Thanks guys! I’ve been contemplating a lot of new ideas, and filling personal orders so i haven’t been able to add anything new.

  4. _explosions Says:

    dude… your work is really being showcased… so cool.

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