We made it

November 30, 2008

We were very lucky. Almost getting lost in 30 degree whether is no fun,

but once we arrived to our destination, it was never cold again.

Really cold


We climbed 3 flights of stairs…



Unfortunately, the labs were closed.


But we were determined and went to the executive offices…


We opened the elevator door…


and I fell…



It’s contagious 

Thanks everyone for sharing my joy


6 Responses to “We made it”

  1. _explosions Says:

    dang, that’s so awesome… “church of craft”.. rad. who put the video together?

  2. kimmy Says:

    yes, it’s serious stuff. They have chapters everywhere! and they have sunday meetings too.

    vivi videotaped it and i edited it. it’s super short, but i like that it fits with that song.

  3. laehciM Says:


  4. _explosions Says:

    yeah… i thought that was your work… so rad you… you need a high-five AND a pizza.

  5. KillerTofu Says:

    loooks like so much fun! woot woot!!!!! NY woot woot!!!

  6. kimmy Says:

    i can’t believe i made it on the pizza list. YES!

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