new nest

December 28, 2008


I packed my sewing machine and left to Oakland. It is the home of rock! paper! scissors! I’m probably going to be spending a lot of time here. 

and here…


I’m excited to see this place grow.


6 Responses to “new nest”

  1. _explosions Says:

    i’m glad you made it safely. i’m very excited for you and can’t wait to see how you make that place your home.

  2. Chi Beh-bee Says:

    Hey lil’ sis…
    Glad you (and your green machine) arrived safetly. It’s a new chapter of your life and I have faith that you will find whatever it is you’re looking for. Just don’t forget who your are…a beautiful and talented young woman.

    Life is an adventure!!! Go make some memories!!!

  3. vivi! Says:

    you’re officially not in oc 😦 try not to get bang-bang ok? 😛 enjoy building your oak tree house!

  4. kimmy Says:

    thank you all… your support been incredible and i am so so thankful. SO thankful.

  5. Wow! How exciting! Wishing you the best for the move and the new year. 🙂

  6. killertofu Says:

    wow you moved man i been at that park near your old house the lsat couple of nights working out with An linhs brother. hope you are having a good time watchin the place grow… maybe a few more square feet eh

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