Made in Oakland

January 10, 2009

My first in Oakland…



Made for Nhu Anh. I was asked to put a square pocket for a Lactaid pill for those who are wondering. 

leather, cotton, vinyl


6 Responses to “Made in Oakland”

  1. kimmy Says:

    i don’t know how i feel about having my name everywhere…

  2. wow! this is adorable. i love the yellow stitching inside. very nicely done!

  3. _explosions Says:

    “… name everywhere.” haha! that’s awesome. i think it’s really cool, i love the tag and the pick, and your name isn’t on the outside, so it’s not “everywhere”.

    and i agree with mushroom meadows, the yellow stitching is wonderful. i really like this piece kimmie.

  4. laehciM Says:

    You always have such good style, well done!

  5. kimmy Says:

    thank you all very very much.

  6. Ernesto Says:

    Nice Kimmy! When are you making mine?

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