happy birthday friend

February 23, 2009

for miss vivi…


vivi's fanny inside

features a 6 pocket card holder and of course, a pick pocket

leather, cotton, brass zipper 


9 Responses to “happy birthday friend”

  1. _explosions Says:

    oh man, that one’s rad! how’s the inside look?

  2. kimmy Says:

    sorry, that picture isn’t that great. but the fabric has a scattered heart print pattern and cozy pockets for credit cards.

    it’s really cute.

  3. _explosions Says:

    hahah!!! wow, i feel pretty silly. for some reason when i first saw this page, the second photo didn’t load up on my computer, so i only saw the first photo.

    well, this piece just keeps getting better and the picture is just fine, no worries.

  4. kimmy Says:

    hahah! you’re not silly, i JUST posted it right after your comment. i don’t know why i didn’t post it the first time. sorry dude.

    I’m getting a bit overwhelmed by the yellow and black… it’s sort of all i have right now, but i feel i should venture off to new colors.

  5. nicely done! I really love the strap! Looks super professional! 🙂

  6. vivi Says:

    Hey!! i just checked your page! Thanks so much Kimmy!!! I’m gonna try wearing it for the wedding rehearsal tomo! 😛 gonna break it in a bit 😉 see you soon!

  7. Erika Williams Says:

    Kimmy! I love this fanny pack! People wear fanny packs at work and I kinda wanted one but didn’t like how they looked. BUT YOURS IS AWESOME!!! Can I buy one? are you going to put it on etsy?

  8. kimmy Says:

    sure, i can make you one! I’ll email you more details.

  9. _explosions Says:

    i have so many high-fives for so many people right now…

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