Spring Art Night

April 6, 2009








made = 4 wallets, 2 coin purses (better pictures of them soon)

sold = 1 wallet, 3 coin purses! 


burlap, cotton, vinyl, poly



11 Responses to “Spring Art Night”

  1. _explosions Says:

    killip! this is awesome! i really like the fabric combinations you used. and that you showed them off with a beach cities card!!


  2. chris Says:

    kimmy… i’m sad that i didn’t find out about your coin pouches before i got back from europe. i’ll have to special order one since you sold them all. congrats!

  3. yay!!! 🙂 They look fantastic, too!

  4. kimmy Says:

    YAY! thanks guys!

    d, so close, only needed three more for a free one!

    chris, one coin pouch coming your way!

    mushroom, your words are very encouraging, thank you.

  5. lizsong Says:

    these are just delightful!
    i want one. 😉

    but… i feel that i might need a few more pockets b/c i have more plastic cards than one might like to have.

    how much? i like green velcro.

  6. kimmy Says:

    you got it liz!

  7. laehciM Says:

    You are very talented kimmy, keep it up!

  8. Chelsea Says:

    Kimmy! These are so freakin’ cute! When are you going to start selling them at RPS? Soon? Please? MB and I are on a crusade to get newer, cooler merch in the store.

    Also come hang out and sew with me this week?

  9. vivi! Says:

    ohh cool wallets kimmy! 😀 good job! so many questions!

    are you gonna sell these on etsy? or are these on sale at RPS?
    what’s spring art night?
    and what’s new hope?

  10. kimmy Says:

    YAY!! hi vivi! I will sell them on etsy soon, and yes they are at RPS! The spring art night is hosted by Nhu Anh and it happens quarterly to get the community involved with showing off their creativity. There’s usually an open mic, too. New Hope is the church we go to. and now for my question… buy one? 🙂

  11. Huong Says:

    ah, i love the little pocket for the guitar pick! xoxo kimmy 🙂

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