make noise

February 1, 2010

come join me and my friends at the noise pop festival in san francisco. it’ll be my first! this week long event will be featuring a ton of emerging artists and bands like the lonely forest and four tet. and not to mention some crafty favorites like jamie lau and sora designs. i’ll be launching my spring line too! so come out and play.

pop n’shop
FREE admission
saturday ONLY, february 27th, noon to 5pm
at the verde club


3 Responses to “make noise”

  1. _explosions Says:

    i think lonely forest and four tet should get together and make babies.

    spring line!!! it sounds so cute, can’t wait to see it kimmie.

  2. kimmy Says:

    and called fourest tet or the lonely four.

  3. _explosions Says:

    “fourest tet”




    highest-five you.

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