Noise Pop Pics

March 16, 2010

thanks to everyone for your support and hanging out




5 Responses to “Noise Pop Pics”

  1. _explosions Says:

    oh wow you! you’re table looks even better than the renegade one. good job!! so freaking awesome.

  2. _explosions Says:

    YOUR table… that is.

  3. Q Says:

    KIMMY PHi!!!! hi sweetie, it’s been a while since the last time i saw you at that thai restaurant julyish 09′. yes, and i guess i missed ya when you were down in the oc thereafter. anyhow, i wanted to say thanks for sharing your passion and creativity, and pursuing your art. it’s so freakin’ refreshing, invigorating, and motivational. i still remember when you made that black/white fannie pack for me before i took off to ny and el salvador. you know i sure rocked it, thanks again! i knew and i know you will always create amazing art girlie, the sky’s the limit. God is good and i’m always cheering for ya. let’s definitely meet and hang when you’re down again. we will definitely collaborate our worlds of art in the future! let me know woohoo. will you be at sophie’s wedding? ttys, XO!

  4. vivi! Says:

    shame on me for forgetting to ask you how your show went…how’d it go? are all your items on backorder? 😛

  5. Vinh Le Says:

    KIMMY wow i have not check this for a while and man you have got a lot of things! its so kool! i ma check out the web site right now!! woot woot have a great one!

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